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Detailing Services. A full detailing of your car is ideal if you are selling or trading in to maximise the cars value, or the car has been neglected for a long period of time. A full detailing is also recommended every 6-12 months to keep your car looking fabulous
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Professional Car Care For The Preston Area

Convertible Roof Cleaning & Protecting

Has your convertible roof become dirty & dull?

Is there algae growing on your cabrio?

Does water soak into your soft tops roof?

If these apply to your car then it’s probably time for professional deep cleaning & protection of your convertibles roof. Over time all convertible roofs will become dirty & lose their as new appearance. Also your roof will gradually loose its water repelling abilities-this can be seen by the growth of algae & water soaking into the roof rather than running off. A regular deep clean & reproofing of your soft top will save you time & money as a new cabriolet roof will cost several hundred pounds plus fitting charges. I would recommend you have your cabrio roof cleaned & waterproofed at least once a year to maintain its appearance & provide UV protection to prevent fading. The convertible cleaning & protection costs:- £80 for 2 seaters £100 for 4 seaters This includes full wash & wax of your cars exterior.
Convertible cleaning before Convertible cleaning After After Cabriolet roof clean Before cabriolet roof clean

Convertible Roof Cleaning In Preston, Lancashire

3D Valeting & Detailing
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Detailing In The Preston Area

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