3D Valeting & Detailing
Car Valeting Services  Unique 100% guarantee with all  valeting services throughout the  Preston, Chorley & Leyland area to keep your car looking  its best.
Detailing Services. A full detailing of your car is ideal if you are selling or trading in to maximise the cars value, or the car has been neglected for a long period of time. A full detailing is also recommended every 6-12 months to keep your car looking fabulous
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Headlight Restoration

Over time headlights can become dull & cloudy which will spoil your car’s appearance as well as greatly reducing your headlights performance, making night time driving more difficult & less safe. It is now also an M.O.T. failure to have cloudy headlamps that reduce the bulbs output by over 50%. The headlight restoration process starts with cleaning the headlights then wet sanding with various levels of abrasive sandpaper. The lenses are machine polished with cutting & finishing polishes to reveal a crystal clear headlamp. Finally the headlamps are coated with a UV protectant sealant to help maintain their appearance. The headlight restoration cost £50 per pair
headlight restoration before headlight restoration before After Headlight Restoration After Headlight Restoration
3D Valeting & Detailing

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